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Kratom Dosage & Mitragynine


"I was recommended these Mit300 gels by my friend who had been taking kratom for a while now. They work so much faster than a tea that you have to sit there and wait for it to steep! Plus, the fact that there is no bitter aftertaste from it is awesome as well"

Jeremy F.

"I am definitely impressed by these gels! They work incredibly fast and last a long time! If you're looking for high quality Kratom capsules, look no further than here - Bearly Legal Kratom has got you covered! "

Jeremy F.

"I bought these because I knew Kratom tea, tinctures or even gummies... all tastes like sh*t! These make it a much easier to consume. Also the high potency and clean extract make this product unbelievable! I have yet to try a product that can even compare!"

Natalie D.

"The high potency really makes a difference, especially when it comes to mood & pain relief! Definitely worth a try for anyone looking for something new! Bearly Legal Kratom!!! Can't wait to see what's next!!!!!! Love Y'all to pieces!!! Keep up the great work!!! "

Jennifer P.

"I'm a self proclaimed skeptic of just about everything. As Carl Sagan would say "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence‚ÄĚ. BL really hold's up to their potency claims and the nanoemulsion kicks ass for bioavailability. Really good product."

Anthony M.