Bearly Legal Kratom | MIT50 NanoX Softgels 30ct

Bearly Legal Kratom | MIT50 NanoX Softgels 30ct

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Bearly Legal Kratom | MIT50 NanoX Softgels 30ct

Our new Nano softgel formulation is a beast! First we start with a 50x kratom extract (already stronger than most products on the market) and we utilize our nanoemulsion technology to create a consistent and more potent softgel with a whopping mitragynine content of 35mg each. These also contain the minor alkaloids as well as 7-hydroxymitragynine to deliver the full spectrum of effects.

The first ever 'Bearly Legal' Kratom products to hit the market, these are intended for adult consumers. 


- 1 Jar of Bearly Legal MIT50X NanoGels
- 30 Softgels per Jar
- 35mg Mitragynine per Softgel
- 1,050mg of Mitragynine per Jar

For the ultimate in portability, Bearly Legal Kratom Softgels will fit neatly into any pocket or purse. More convenient than capsules, easier to swallow than powder, with the perfect dose every time. Each batch is tested for quality and consistency to ensure that you get just what you pay for...

Why do we use a 50x extract?
Our Kratom extracts are very potent, with concentrations as high as 65-80% of total alkaloid content. In order to be effective for their intended purposes, Kratom alkaloids must be concentrated to about 30%. This is why we only use 50X extracts in our products. But wait - it get's better.

Nanoemulsify? What's the benefit?
We nanoemulsify because of the unique pharmacological mechanisms kratom (Mitrogyna Speciosa) is reliant on. The process preserves the natural kratom major and minor alkaloids while concentrating and creating a more consistent product with less waste. It also allows for a finer, more controlled delivery of the compounds you want, so you get better results and you can get them more easily. It also creates a more potent product by making the ingredients more bioavailable and more easily absorbed by the body. Less of the crap you don't want - a more bioavailable amount of the good stuff.

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